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Essentia Omnia - 2023 (Level Up Showcase Technical Innovation 1st Place winner!)

- Made in Godot with GDScript, a Unity-like engine with a similar language to C#.

- I was one of two programmers on the project, my focus was on some basic features, the faux-physics/height system, as well as creature behaviour and interactions.

- I devised a modular behaviour system that allows the designer to place single behaviour modules into a tree inside the creature, influencing the creature's actions based on a hierarchy of orders from the main creature "brain". Behaviours can be put on literally any object and will work, in any configuration, any combination.

- This allowed me to develop a hidden "Blood Transmutation" system that allows the player to take any two options and reconfigure their AI by swapping around modules and conditionals based on a set of simple constraints. Certain puzzles can be solved by using this system.

Detective Dropkick - Unreleased

- Another godot game.

- Uses a lightweight custom physics engine I made from scratch. All interactable objects derive from the main PhysicsReactor class.

- Uses a custom "Trigger System" I made, that acts as a type of event system/visual scripting for the game. I used this to link up switches/buttons and other objects to streamline the process of creating levels, puzzles and events, even setting up special physics-based triggers/OnTriggers using the physics system I created.

- Using this trigger system and a system I coded for instancing objects via a tilemap, created a tilemap-based "wiring system" to create trigger connections between game tiles, making it much easier to implement complex events, traps, puzzles, etc.

- Uses a custom dialogue and menu system I created.


Truth'sbout - Released 2021

- A small two-player fighting game I made using the physics system created for "Detective Dropkick".

- That concludes the stuff I'm really proud of... I coded every game I made besides the RPG Maker ones, check out Relayality and stuff if you want.