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Some music from (mostly) the last few years. Some were for personal projects, some commissioned, and some just for the joy of it.

Sound Design Reels

Essentia Omnia - Released April 2023

My final 4th year project for University, on which I was lead designer and audio designer, and worked on the programming and art. Since we had a team for this one I was able to devote more time to the sound design than on my solo projects, I designed, scripted and implemented a large dynamic audio system for it since Godot had no Fmod or similar support. The ambient sound system was made based on the idea of environmental and creature sound effects never being truly muted no matter how far away, fading into a washed-out soundscape that built a dynamic picture of your surroundings. Unfortunately, this ended up having to be removed due to complications with performance on the web builds. Nonetheless, I am proud of the audio system, music and sounds I did create for it.

Relayality - Released August 2021

A mysterious game I made over the course of a week, for the hell of it. It is a puzzle game masquerading as a shooting game, so I designed the soundscape to help the player solve the mystery. Bullets make different noises depending on whether they die on their own, hit an object, or hit an enemy. Combined with the audio panning to indicate the location of the bullet, it can be used almost like sonar to safely determine the off-screen geography of the level.

Enemies too make spatially-defined noises when re-appearing after getting shot, so upon loading into a level you can immediately tell what has changed. I added a reverb effect dependant on distance as well.

Shrinespark - Released November 2020

An older released game of mine that I'm not quite as proud of, though it seems to have done well. I use it here for variety, I don't only make inscrutable, experimental games with crusty audio designs!